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Jim and Todd are "The Club" without them there would be no MVBB.
Thank You!  Keep up the good work!  


Masscupic 4-27-03
Lunker Bear
Hill Pond
Lunker Merrimack River 5/19/2002 Lunker Shirley Reservoir 6/9/2002 Lunker Charles River 7/28/2002 Lunker Lake Mascupic 9/8/2002
David Baird 4.68 George Brooks 3.68 Frank Cahabak 4.57 Bob Downie 5.29 Frank Interrante 4.04
Lunker Lake Attitash 9/15/2002        
Rich Symons 3.30 Wayne Noon Todd Sutton & Dave Geary Weigh In Ivan Sullivan & Jeff Gillis
  Bob Downie & George Brooks   Dave Geary & Umm... Friends  

2k1-next_best_thing.jpg (26611 bytes)
Mike Marsi, John Thomspon, Jim Ellis
nick_n-1.jpg (20340 bytes)
Nick Noon 4.5 LB
pic-1.jpg (31253 bytes)
Dave Geary, Steve Fitzgerald

mayflower.jpg (21950 bytes)
Steve Merrifield, David Collier, Mike Krystal

men-mission1.jpg (30860 bytes)
Frank Cahabak, Frank Interrante, Bob Downie

dave-g1.jpg (23241 bytes)
Dave Geary

pic-2.jpg (43698 bytes)
John Thompson

todd-1.jpg (31268 bytes)
Todd Sutton

pic-3.jpg (34903 bytes)
Steve Merrifield

jim-1.jpg (41933 bytes)
Jim Ellis

Frank_Lunkers1.jpg (28276 bytes)
Frank Interrante

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