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Merrimack Valley Bassin' Buddies Bylaws
(Applicable For All Tournaments)
  • For safety / fairness reasons the start of all tournaments will be done by releasing the boats one-by-one based on a number selection process performed before each tournament. The individual drawing the lowest (largest) number will be responsible for the release of boats at the launch. There will be a 30-second stagger between the release of every boat.
  • Fishing must cease & boats are required to be in launch area by end of each tournament. Anglers will be notified of the time before each tournament in order to synchronize watches. Any late participants loose 1 pound per minute and after 15 minutes will be disqualified. If a boater is experiencing mechanical problems with their boat they are to either get towed in by another boat or get a ride with another boater and retrieve the boat after the weigh-in.
  • No boats are allowed to leave the water at the end of a tournament until the boats with individuals responsible for the weigh-in have.
  • Life Vests are required to be worn whenever outboard motor is running.
  • During night tournaments every boat is required to have some form of light on at all times.
  • Any and all boats late for commencement of a tournament are required to have live well checks done by either Jim Ellis or Todd Sutton to be eligible to participate.
  • All live wells will be checked at commencement of tournament.
  • As a courtesy to other members a distance of 75 ft between fishing boats is required.
  • Fish must be 12 inches to be weighed in and counted towards the tournament.
  • Dead fish weighed in will result in a 3/10 (.3) of a pound penalty.
  • Year-end awards are determined from CLUB tournaments only.
  • In order to be eligible for the non-boater 1st place finish award an angler must fish from the back of the boat at all times. Any angler who fishes from both the front & back of the boat is not eligible.
  • A maximum of five fish are eligible for weigh-in for all team / club tournaments.
  • All fish being weighed-in must be brought to the scale in a bag.
  • Live bait is not allowed.
  • No alcohol is allowed before, during & after the tournaments.
  • Special Tournaments - Entrance fee will be per boat. If a boater fishes alone he will be required to pay the full entrance fee.
  • All boats must have a functioning ignition kill switch, which must be used properly.
  • All members must provide proof of Marine/watercraft liability insurance with a minimum of $100,000 coverage prior to fishing any tournament.
  • Upon involuntary/voluntary termination from the Club membership dues will be returned as follows:
    • If a member is terminated for any reason prior to the first tournament $150.00 of his or her dues will be returned.
    • If the termination is after the first tournament the amount of dues returned will be determined by multiplying the number of remaining tournaments multiplied by $20.
  • It is the intention of the Club that two people occupy every boat for all tournaments. In the event of extenuating circumstances, non-members will be permitted to fish for a $25 per tournament fee.

2021 Positions:

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